Galveston Homeschool Performing Arts Co-op

Student Opportunities

Our students have many opportunities within the GHPAC and outside of class time for growth in the performing arts, as well as leadership opportunities, and time to build friendships.

Student Association

Organized in 2010, the Student Association is an opportunity for students to have leadership roles in our performing arts community. Older students are elected from Intermediate and Advanced Music classes and Senior Drama to represent the student population. The Student Association has several committees, including the store committee, the yearbook committee, the event committee and the snack committee. The most visible of these, the store committee, runs the school store where students can buy supplies needed for instrument maintenance, school supplies, or snacks at lunch time. Lastly, the Student Association participates in fund raisers, raising funds for instruments and school trips.

Letter Jackets

Students have the opportunity to earn a letter in choir, orchestra and drama. Once the student has earned a letter, typically taking two or more years of diligent work, the family can purchase a letter jacket or sweater for each student who has earned one. After earning the letter, the student has the opportunity each year to earn a letter jacket pin in choir, orchestra or drama.

Judged Festivals

Each year, the GHPAC tries to have at least one orchestra and choir perform in a judged music competition. We have participated in the Texas Renaissance Festival School Days Music Competition, the Pride of Texas Music Festival and numerous years of the National Federation of Music Clubs Festivals.

Other Festivals

Every year our students have multiple opportunities to perform individually or as a group at several festivals and events. These opportunities have included the Grand 1894 Opera House Annual Kids Festival, Moody Gardens Art in the Gardens, Moody Gardens Festival of Lights, Yaga?s Holiday in the Park, and Galveston ArtWalk in the Strand Historic District.


Students have opportunities to be involved in fundraising through Chick-fil-A Spirit Nights, where they have opportunities to greet customers and perform a solo or in a small ensemble. We also try to have a Chili's Pancake Breakfast, during which the students greet customers, act as the hosts and hostesses, and even get to wait on tables. We have other fundraisers throughout the year that students can participate in, such as World's Finest Chocolate sales and our annual Turkey Trot.

Local Fun

Located in Galveston, we try to have one beach day at the end of the year after co-op classes, and some families choose to have picnics or other outings with friends throughout the year.

Graduation Ceremonies

Our orchestra students have also been able to play "Pomp and Circumstance" at homeschool graduation ceremonies for their friends.